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What is Chiropractic?

It’s very simple really!


Your brain and nervous system is the master controller of every function in your body. When it’s working without any interference your body can regenerate, regulate and develop to the best of its ability.

It just so happens that your nervous system is encased by your skull and thirty three joints of your spine. Your spinal function has a direct relationship to your nervous system function. 

So as a Chiropractor, I find any area in the body where the trillions of nerve signals travelling every second between your brain and body are being changed (this is called a subluxation) and facilitate proper function (this is called an adjustment).

The benefits from chiropractic care that you may experience are practically endless!

If you:
  • Think that stress may be impacting you and would like the tools to restore your body back to balance.

  • Want to feel truly VITAL however are lacking motivation and direction
  • Are interested in the underlying 'cause' of your dysfunction rather than the superficial 'symptoms'

Have I seen you before?

The book online link is for new clients only.
Give the practice a call (08) 8272 5899 and we'll help you out.

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