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Dr. Harriet WALKER



Your body has a brilliant ability and knows what to do. It is self healing, self regulating and adaptable.

As long as there is no interference.

A chiropractor’s actions are straight forward.
- Find any area in the body where the trillions of nerve signals travelling every second between your brain and body are being blocked or changed (this is called a subluxation)
- Unblock them scientifically and specifically by means of an adjustic thrust. 

Your body knows what to do from there.




My philosophy is all about enlivening the healthiest you. Through happy, loving chiropractic, I help all people express their own uniqueness and health in conjunction with educating and allowing everyone to take responsibility for their life.

I love to work with families, children and have a particular interest in dancers and musicians.

When I’m relaxing, you can find me spending time with my family and dog, Toby, in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, hanging out with friends around a extravagant cheese platter, playing music or reading a good book.

PS. Asides from being a cheese platter queen, I do have formal qualifications:
- Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)
- Applied Kinesiology Certification (ICAK)
- Associate of Music (Recorder)




Chiropractic on Unley

347 Unley Road


(08) 8272 5899

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