Revealing Healing

Dr Harriet invites you to an introductory workshop to further discuss your amazing ability to function, heal and adapt.   

In this session, we will discuss the innate ability of your body, what exactly Chiropractors do and why we do it. Dr Harriet wants to give you the information to be able to fully utilise your chiropractic care and leave you empowered to make decisions about your health. 

Revealing Healing is designed to support and empower our community. There is no cost for this workshop, however she does ask that you bring a family member or friend along with you.


It is held at Chiropractic on Unley on alternating weeks at the following times:

Monday 6.30PM 
Thursday 11.30AM

To book please contact:   or   call Chiropractic on Unley 08 82725899